Medzon is a free online pharmaceutical marketplace that was founded by Thrustpro Business Solutions in 2021. We help to provide a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs that customers can easily access, purchase and have all their prescriptions delivered directly to them at their own convenience.

With the fast-growing population of daily mobile and internet users all over the world, we are committed to globally promote and help pharmaceutical businesses develop a cross-border ecommerce trading where all locally and foreign manufactured drugs can easily be access and serve directly to the end user customers. Through our Medzon B2C and B2B market platform, we believe we can make the pharmaceutical industry a global village.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to be the leading online pharmaceutical market provider that facilitate the purchase and sales of all manufactured and prescribed drugs while providing real-time medics assistance for our customers at their convenience.

Our objectives

      Quality customer service
      Quality and certified products(drugs)
      Affordable pricing
      Swift delivery
      Qalified and experience health experts

Our objectives

      Quality products.

      Our products are directly sourced from approved and qualified local and global manufactures hence giving us the advantage to supply quality and non-expiry products to our customers.

      Affordable price.

      Having our products directly sourced from drug manufactures, gives us an advantage of negotiating the prices for our customers

      Swift Delivery.

      Taking advantage of our logistic and delivery partners, we aim to provide affordable delivery service to enable our customer’s save.

      Access to Health experts.

      Partnering with qualified and experience health professionals, we help to provide our customers with well qualified and experience health expert who are able to assist them in all their health decisions.

      Customer Service.

      We aim to provide our customers, the best online and offline customers services team, who are ready to assist and offer personalized services to them 24/7.

Medzon Team
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